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Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt

What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?
When you're looking for your first job, and all available entry-level jobs in your area "require experience." Bullshit.


If you're bored out of your mind, try this on for size.


Using the POWER OF SCIENCE and a picture of yourself, this wonderful piece of machinery will rate your attractiveness from 0-10. Finally, those college boys down at the bar staring at the ladies, laughing while they rate the women's worthiness on appearance rather than personality can finally have the scientific proof to back it up.

Of course, as the starter, I must include my own results. There's nothing fancy. I did not put on makeup and work to take a flattering photo of myself. I just grabbed my webcam, took a picture of my plain self and used the first one I snapped. It's all out on the table now. This is as real as it gets.

After all, you didn't become my friend for my looks, right? If you did, time to bail.

According to the forum that lead me to this, I'm slightly better looking than Jigsaw, but not as good as Billy Mays. This will keep my ego in check.

When I look at the list of  all the things that are wrong with my face, I say "FUCK IT" and go on living my life completely unfazed. Hopefully, you will too.

Looks aren't important. Your appearance will deteriorate over time. Can't help it, it's the law of nature. So stop obsessing about your looks and keeping beautiful when you can put the same amount of work on being healthy and strong and building character. You'll see which is the better deal 50 years from now.


If anyone ever judges you on appearance alone, tell him he's blind. If he thinks he can evaluate a person on something so fleeting such as outer beauty, that person must not be seeing things right.

I'm sick of people complaining about their face, crying about their bodies and starving themselves; just as sick as I am of people revering supermodels and idolizing the beautiful without any further insight than the pretty faces in the magazine photos.

Become someone you can love in the dark.


I don't really know where I am going with this, since I just typed anything that came to mind and I haven't slept at all since yesterday. But I hope someone somewhere has gotten something out of this post. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. Actually, I'm looking forward to see if anyone wants to refute what I am saying. I love a good challenge. Good night, over and out.


Hello, early morning, Friends List!

Guess why I'm still up at 3:16 AM. My mother's left for another out-of-state convention, so I'm the defender of the house now.

Now, about Sakura Matsuri...

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Have fun at Sakura Matsuri, guys!

Happy Birthdays!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lazydummy315 , acidacidacid  and me_want_chu !

Whoo, busy day, isn't it?

I got to meet shiroro  today! Super special awesome girl. :) I didn't spend much time in Kino though. D: You guys weren't there when we played Mafia.

We had realizations of pedophilia (as always. I suppose we DO look older) and I shared dirty college boy-level jokes with misotok .  I wanna hang out with those dudes again. Does they have LJ?
I really enjoyed being the Narrator, guys. I hope I did a good job.

My quotes of the day : "Alright, the Mafia member has killed yet another victim. No, I lied. There is no other victim. The Card Master was killed. You 're dead again."

"Townspeople, wake up. No, not you, Yamamoto's dad. You were killed."

Nothing like bonding with Mommy while folding dumplings together. <3

Also, I just had to explain to her the meaning of the word "nuts" in the sentence "I'm going to punch you in the nuts." Her face was priceless. I explained it as "the two things between your legs." I've been watching too much Gintama.

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

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Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Eheh, I missed doing anything for Valentine's Day, so here is me doing something the day after!

Well, it's February 15th, the day after Valentine's Day. Singles Awareness Day is some kind of unofficial trend holiday celebrating people who are still single after Valentine's. I think it's kind of like a comforting consolation prize after February 14th. I don't care. I'll take it.

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Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Whoever named this holiday should be slapped across the nuts a few times for making me aware that I'm still single after Valentine's Day.


I've been out of comission for a while.  It's been like... uhhhhh. But I HAVE to go on and wish Cathy a Happy Birthday. And I apologize since I can't go to the karaoke today. The holiday season completely drained me, and so did my excessive grocery shopping.

Well, anyway, I hope you guys enjoy yourselves!


To all you pulling all-nighters (for one reason or another) I hope I'm the first one who gets to say this to you:


Now, I'm a poor motherf*cker, so I couldn't really buy gifts for everyone this year, sorry. :[

But I DID make a card for you. It's a hand drawn card that I made a few days ago, I just forgot to put it out. Here it is.

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Gobble *MUNCH*


I am grateful to ALL of you. It's the things that can't be bought that hold the most value.

Just finished my Thanksgiving dinner at 2, eating things that were all bought from ShopRite. Turkey was great, chicken was ick. :(

I look forward to seeing you lovelies at the next meeting.

P.S. Not into Reborn anymore. You'll shit bricks, and I'll try to avoid getting stoned.


Nov. 23rd, 2008

I went karaokeing with [info]adware . :)

At first, I got there at 5 and I ended up waiting more than one hour. I had dinner outside a HSBC bank, then I went into a Starbucks to keep warm. Kari did eventually get there, but my frustration that we've made plans 4 times before and they've all failed made me stick it out. XD

We had a few problems with the rooms, like we'd put enter songs and they would never show, but it was fun! We ordered food and the takoyaki did this weird waving thing. It was pretty cool, and it was just the heat making the flakey strips move. Neat, huh? GO YUMMY NACHOS! Anyway, the totally bill was almost $60 for 2 hours and a half and all the food we ordered. o_o And I only intended to spend $10.... Oh, well. I'll cut back on other things.

I got home really late, like at 11. Sorry, but I am NEVER doing that again. It seems my paranoia itself would attack me.

It was super fun, Kari! Thank you so much for paying the majority of all the expenses. XD Anyway, we're sort of planning a homemade karaoke thing. It's so much more money saving and everyone can get the songs they want if everyone just brings files of the karaoke versions of the songs they would like to sing. You just need a computer with a sound system and mikes. What do you think, guys?

Here's a video of Kari singing. I love her singing! ....I sucked, tonight. XD